Coco Loco Liqueur 50 cl. Exclusive for travel retail.


·         Don Anthony Coco Loco Liqueur

·         is presented as a creamy liqueur and harmonious appearance.

·         Its ingredients are an explosive combination of distillate sugarcane, triple distilled Vodka, White Tequila , Natural Coconut Water and sugared Coconut Cream.

·         The entrance is soft on the palate leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness perfectly balanced without being too cloying.

·         Presentation 50cl. clear glass French design bottle. Wooden stopper and natural cork.

·         Protected by PVC cap.

·         Alcoholic volume of 25º.

·         Packaged in boxes of 12 units.


1  You can drink it as it is or served very cold.

2  You can also taste it in a small glass with crushed ice.

3  Enjoy it on any time of the year.

Welcome to the new way of drinking and savor a Coco Loco.

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