Delta #1 airline on transatlantic market

Analysis by airline shows that Delta Air Lines is now the leading provider of capacity on the transatlantic market, ahead of British Airways, United Airlines and American Airlines. Back in 2005, British Airways was by far the biggest airline in the market, but since then Delta has absorbed Northwest Airlines, United has merged with Continental, and American has merged with US Airways. As a result, North American carriers (shown in bright green) occupy four of the top six places.
The most impressive growth has arguably come from Turkish Airlines which has seen its transatlantic capacity increase sevenfold in the last decade. Since 2010 it has added routes to Washington Dulles (November 2010), Los Angeles (March 2011), Houston Intercontinental (April 2013), Boston (May 2014) and San Francisco (April 2015) in the US, as well as Montreal in Canada (June 2014).

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