SSP (in partnership with Oberweis) win 10-year F&B contracts in Luxembourg airport.

SSPLuxembourg Airport operator, Lux-Airport, has selected  SSP  dining outlets for 10 years, beginning on 1 November 2016. Number of SSP’s new restaurant concepts will be operated in partnership with the Luxembourg retailer Oberweis. These include: the Oberweis Brasserie Comptoir du Bon Pays, an Oberweis branded restaurant and a branded Oberweis shop and cafe.
There will also be a bar called Lux Brewery, a restaurant called Moselier, a smaller Moselier grab and go outlet, a Starbucks and a Panopolis outlet.
In total, the food and beverage and retail area operated by SSP will measure 1,110sq m. As part of the transformation, the airport will see a sizeable extension of the catering area as well as the reconfiguration of the mezzanine to showcase the restaurant better.
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Source: Travel Retail Business

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