Sales volumes at Dubai Duty Free HY1-2015.

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Between January and June 2015, Dubai Duty Free sold 8.3m cigars, 3.6m bottles of liquor, 2m cartons of cigarettes, 1.4m bottles of perfume, 1.2m pieces of makeup and skincare and 4.7m cans of beer.
This is according to the leading duty free operator’s website, following on from last year’s impressive full 12-month result, where the exclusive Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International duty free operator generated a huge $1.917bn-worth of sales from 26.9m transactions – equivalent to an average of 73,960 per day.
In the first half of this year DDF sold 3,657,151 bottles of liquor (including 1,410,413 bottles of whisky and 878,148 bottles of wine); 2,061,342 cartons of cigarettes; 8,371,573 cigars; 1,494,912 bottles of perfume; 1,288,105 pieces of makeup and skincare; and 4,706,132 cans of beer (counted separately from liquor).
Moving into sales by the tonne, the retailer sold 1,178 tonnes of chocolates; 448 of dates; 492 of nuts; 493 of NIDO; and 654 of TANG. Just for good measure it also sold a further 349 kilograms of caviar.
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Back on sales measurement by individual units, DDF also sold 62,754 cameras/accessories; 6,354 iPads; 20,175 iPhones; 10,164 (non-Apple) tablets; 3,162 laptops; 1,630 kilograms of gold; 6,902 scarves, shawls and stoles; 40,380 pairs of sunglasses; 54,528 handbags and small leathergoods items; 118,966 watches; and 638,521 telephone cards/E vouchers.
Source: Dubai Duty Free Trivia & Travel Retail Business (

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