Gatwick destilerialogo_GatwickGatwick Airport opened a restaurant with a difference today as the outlet contains its own gin distillery!
It can be found inside The Nicholas Culpeper in the North Terminal where visitors can pop in for a pre-holiday cocktail or a bite to eat against the backdrop of the functioning gin still, which produces up to 12 litres of gin per batch.
Not surprisngly it is the world’s first gin distillery at an airport.
The airport claims that the unusual openinig follows a «significant surge in the popularity of premium gins» across its other outlets over the last five years.
The gin produced on-site is called ‘The Nicholas Culpeper London Dry Gin’, after the famous botanist, and distilled from an exotic blend of ingredients, including Chinese Cassia Bark and Angelica root from India, the distillery is now open landside in the North Terminal.
Source: Airport-World (ACI)

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