Malaysia Airports launches new passenger experience app based on big data analytics

Malaysia Airports, the operator of Kuala Lumpur International, has launched a new mobile app which uses big data analytics (BDA) to boost passenger experience.

The app, MYairports, enables its user to plan their journey to the airport ahead of time and be navigated intelligently through the checkpoints, designed to help passengers go from home to the boarding gate in the shortest time possible.

This digital airport experience is made possible with the integration of BDA and aims to elevate the service level as one of the initiatives under the total airport experience (TAE) pillar of the organisation’s business plan.

The app also signifies the progression of Malaysia Airports towards embracing Arthur Little’s Airports 4.0 whereby real-time digital interaction with passengers is key and regarded as a must have.

Malaysia Airports is currently undergoing a digital transformation that encompasses the use of BDA and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to enhance the airport operations by anticipating foot traffic flows, managing facilities for passenger comfort and reducing queue time and congestion.

With this app, you will be able to get live updates on flight information, time left to board your flights, shopping and dining promotions and important airport information. More excitingly, MYairports app will feature dynamic wayfinding around KLIA,”.

For now, the app features information about KLIA Main Terminal. However, information on klia2, the second terminal will soon be made available, followed by the rest of the international airports. There will also be a Mandarin version of the app as it is now available in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Other more exciting features in the coming phases will include live queue times at various touchpoints at the airport such as check-in and immigration counters, as well as security checkpoints. For shoppers, the ecommerce feature will enable purchases to be bought online and picked up at the airport upon arrival.”

Source: International Airport Review 

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