Food Court ‘É Marshe’ Coming Soon At Curaçao International Airport

Curaçao International Airport has been going through a transformation in terms of infrastructure and service offerings. In addition to the airport expansion, passengers and visitors will soon also enjoy a greater food and beverage experience. Curaçao Airport Partners and Café Barista have officially signed their concession agreement, making Café Barista the operator of the food court and bar in the airport’s Departures Hall. ‘É Marshe Gastro Hall’ and ‘Bar22’ are scheduled to open their doors at the end of 2018.

The ‘É Marshe Gastro Hall’ is inspired by Curacao’s Plasa Bieu, which is the iconic traditional food market situated in the city center Punda. The food court situated in the airport’s Departures Hall will provide something to entice every taste-bud, from locally inspired meals, healthy concepts, snacks, pastries and much more.

Bar22 is set to be located in the Departures Hall right next to the glass window wall, making it the-place-to-be to have your beverage or cocktail while enjoying the breathtaking views of the airport runway.

Source: Curacao Chronicle

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