Bucharest South Airport should have two terminals and a capacity of 30 million passengers per year

The government wants to build a new airport in the South of Bucharest that should have at least two terminals and a capacity of 30 million passengers per year. Executive spokesman Nelu Barbu provided details about the eight strategic investments, including the airport.

“The size of the airport will have to be designed for traffic of approximately 30 million passengers on a surface of no more than 600 hectares and be equipped with at least two terminals. As soon as such areas are identified by the local authorities, these authorities can participate in setting up the project company,” explained Nelu Barbu.

Talks about a new airport near the Capital city, located in the south of town, are not new, but it never finalized in a project. The govern is intending to find a private company to create a public-private partnership, a company that would have the responsibility to carry out the project. But it will not be easy to find such a partner and it didn’t even start finding the area where an airport can be built.

Bucharest South Airport, could become a transit point for passengers traveling to Asia, Pacific, but also to Europe or America.

Source: BR Business Review

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