Dominica: Prime Minister promised that his government will build an international airport

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has announced that two friendly governments have given their commitment to assist Dominica in the construction of a much-talked-about international airport.
Speaking at the presentation of the National Budget on Wednesday, he also said there is an agreement “in principle” from a firm to provide funding for such a facility.
“I am therefore pleased to inform this Honourable House that progress is being made towards the realisation of the international airport,” Skerrit said. “Government has set aside funds for construction and we have an agreement in principle from a major firm to assist in additional funding required.”
He said two “friendly governments” have agreed to assist in the project.
“In addition, two friendly countries have given commitments to assist with various aspects of the airport,” he stated, without naming the friendly governments. “We propose to commence negotiations in September 2018, for the 50 acquisition of private lands and properties necessary to facilitate the construction of the international airport.”
The Prime Minister noted that an international airport will help secure the island’s investment in tourism.
“The international airport will certainly help secure the investments made in tourism and the export of our agricultural produce and contribute to building economic resilience,” he said.
He vowed that his government will build an international airport in Dominica.

Sourde: St Lucia News

Note about Dominica´s airports: 

Douglas–Charles Airport, formerly known as Melville Hall Airport, is an airport located on the northeast coast of Dominica, 2 mi (3.2 km) northwest of Marigot. It is about one hour away from the second largest city Portsmouth. It is one of only two airports in the island nation of Dominica, the other being Canefield Airport located three miles (5 km) northeast of Roseau.

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