Toscana Aeroporti inaugurates Pisa Airport terminal expansion

Toscana Aeroporti, via its official Twitter account, inaugurated (27-Jul-2018) the first phase of the Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport expansion project. Expansion highlights include:

  • Increased terminal surface area from 35,900sqm to 63,800sqm;
  • Increased gates from 16 to 23;
  • Increased security checkpoints from eight to 10;
  • Additional 2300sqm of commercial space;
  • 47% increase in arrivals hall surface area, with installation of a new baggage conveyor;
  • 32% increase in non Schengen departures hall surface area, with creation of one boarding gate, 170 seats and dedicated children’s play area;
  • Expansion of toilet facilities in arrival/departure areas;
  • Increases Pisa Airport capacity to 6.5 million passengers p/a

Source: Capa

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