Ireland West Airport unveils first phase of €15m airport transformation programme

Ireland West Airport has unveiled the first phase of its €15m (US$17.4m) transformation project that includes a remodeled immigration and arrivals area, covered aircraft passenger boarding stairs and new toilet facilities.

Phase 1 projects recently completed include:
• Construction and remodeling of new toilet facilities at the airport;
• Remodeling of immigration and arrivals area creating increased circulation space for arriving passengers;
• Covered aircraft passenger boarding stairs for passengers boarding and disembarking aircraft;
• Enhancement of the airport experience from a visual perspective helping to create a combination of a lighter and brighter passenger environment and contemporary look and feel throughout the airport terminal;
• Resurfacing of Car Park Zone 5 resulting in 250 permanent surfaced parking lot spaces less than five minutes’ walk from the terminal;
• Upgrade of existing parking lot equipment to the latest state of the art equipment;
• Construction of a new aviation gallery in the first floor of the terminal building;
• Installation of 25 new flight information display screens across the airport terminal;
• Installation of new state of the art digital display screens throughout the airport facility;
• Installation of a new industry best practice wayfinding signage system across the airport facility;
• Upgrade and replenishment of ground handling equipment, snow clearing equipment and safety and response vehicles;
• Extension to the fire station at the airport;
• Enhancements to the airport retail and catering facilities;
• Implementation of a major airfield drainage program on the airport’s runway;
• Upgrading of the runway lighting system.

Phase 2 of the airport transformation program has begun and will involve the completion of the following major projects over the coming 18 months:
• Opening of a new state-of-the-art Visitor Discovery Centre in the terminal building;
• Upgrading of hold baggage-screening equipment to comply with industry regulation;
• Remodeling and upgrading of the airport departures area;
• Upgrading of air traffic control equipment;
• Rehabilitation of the airports 2,400m-long (7,870ft) runway and upgrading of instrument landing system;
• Further upgrade and enhancement work to the airport car

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