Murmansk airport to have new terminal by 2021

A new terminal of the Murmansk international airport will be built by 2021. According to Director of the airport’s managing company, Novaport, Sergei Rudakov, investments in the construction will make about 2 billion rubles ($29.7 million).

«The construction will be in two stages – in 2020 and in 2021, and each [stage’s] cost is about one billion rubles,» he told Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, during his trip to Murmansk.

The new terminal will be working along with the old one. The present terminal was built a few decades ago and it is impossible to renovate it to the modern level. Under the project, along with the construction, the managing company will upgrade the territory around the airport.

As for reconstruction of the runway, it is an authority of the federal government. Presently, Murmansk is not on a state program for airport reconstruction. Investments of about 2.8 billion rubles ($41.5 million) would be necessary for a new runway, plane parking and for the security system’s upgrade.

At a meeting with the deputy prime minister, the Murmansk Region’s Governor Marina Kovtun stressed the airport’s renovation is of high demand, as an annual growth of passengers served at the airport is about 15%.

The Murmansk airport serves routes to Russia’s several cities and to Antalya and Helsinki. Flights to Beijing and Norway will be announced shortly.

Source: Tass. Russians News Agency

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