New airport project in Saudi Arabia’s Jazan city

The project aims to establish the King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Airport in Jazan taking in consideration the significance of the region and inline with the Saudi leadership’s vision to provide job opportunities and investments to develop human and natural resources.

With a budget of 2.5 billion Saudi riyals, the airport project in Jazan will be an integral step in developing the area’s infrastructure to serve citizens.

Strategically located at the Red Sea, the project’s new location lies 30 km north of the city, will be carried on an area of 5.000.000 square meters.

Not only it enjoys a large area that will allow its expansion in the future, but also lies mid-way between Jazan and the Jazan Economic City, which aims to expand energy and manufacturing industries in the kingdom.

The marine nature in the surroundings will be used to inspire the interior design of the airport’s main hall.

Source: Al Arabiya

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