Rarotonga International Airport (Cook Islands): Airport eyes first ‘master plan’

For the first time in its 44-year history, Rarotonga International Airport is looking to put together a master plan that will help guide the facility’s future development.

The Airport Authority is going to tender sometime this week for the development of a master plan, says Authority chief executive Joe Ngamata.

“This master plan will provide the framework needed to guide future development in a rational, prudent and sustainable manner,” he explains.

Ngamata predicts that work on this important future-proofing project should be completed by April next year.

The tender process will involve the hiring of a consultant or company that specialises in airport master planning.

While the Airport Authority has conducted studies in the past for various aspects of the airport’s development, this is the first time an overarching master plan has been commissioned.

“It identifies what your traffic projections should be for the next 20 years, it identifies trigger points where you should be starting to build capacity in your facilities – it’s a means of developing the airport to a plan rather than just reacting to the demand when it comes through and building here and there.”

Source: Cook Islands News

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