The Palermo airport will begin work on the terminal in February 2019

In 2018 Palermo airport will close the year with 7 million passengers, an increase of 15%. This was announced by Fabio Giambrone, president of Gesap, speaking at the Open Forum «+ TOURISM in SICILY, between affirmation and aspiration», organized by on the occasion of the World Tourism Day that Unwto celebrates every year on 27 September.

«It is an increase – explained Giambrone – which is the confirmation of how the digestion company has been able to meet the needs of the city and the airport to grow and passengers and routes and at the same time be able to stay within the regional routes.

At the beginning – he said – it was difficult to talk to the carriers. Today they are looking for us. And the fact that this year Palermo is hosting Manifesta has helped a lot in relations with airlines. Today we can clearly say that the airport is no longer in an emergency situation. For 5 years the Gesap has had profit balances and today the airport of Palermo has 99 routes and has assumed an international dimension with a significant increase in passengers from abroad».

But it does not end there: «in February – Giambrone anticipated – work will begin inside the Terminal. It will be three years of work, but with certain dates of beginning and end of work. So far we have always respected dates and deadlines, sometimes even anticipating them. In the coming months we will announce new important routes for tourism and new infrastructures adapted to the constant increase of passengers inside the airport».

Source: TNS Sicilia

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