Juan Santamaria Airport in Costa Rica Will Inaugurate New Building in December

This December, the Juan Santamaria Airport will inaugurate a new four level building of six thousand square meters that will add four new boarding gates, a VIP room and an area for pets.

With this new addition, Costa Rica’s main airport will be able to handle 600 more passengers per hour. This new building is part of the works of project La Candela which will be completed by mid-2019 and which contemplates works with a total value of US$39.5 million.

“The works of La Candela project will have effects that will make a more efficient airport with faster take offs and as many as 12 additional airplane take offs per hour. This means, for example, that the waiting times in peak hours will be more agile and the airlines that operate the airport will be better served” explained Rafael Mencía, Executive Director of AERIS.

The investment in the building itself, called Block V represent US$20 million and will be concluded in December this year. Parallel to the development of Block V the air terminal will extend to the West in a space of four levels at basement level, arrivals, exits and mezzanine, project valued in US$17 million and will involve 16 additional positions for passenger check-in or luggage drop off, 15 kiosks for self-check-in and additional carrousel for luggage pick up, expansion of the customs area and additional office space for the airlines.

Source: The Costa Rica Star

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