Cancun’s Terminal 5 likely built after expansion of Terminal 4 and train terminals

While the construction of Terminal 5 of the Cancun International Airport is a go, officials say they are uncertain as to if it will be started over the next five years.

Director of the airport, Carlos Trueba Coll, explained that before construction of Terminal 5 begins, the Master Development Plan 2019-2023 will see the expansion of Terminal 4, possibly to double its current capacity.

He says that while Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR) talks about a multi-million dollar investment, some existing terminal areas will first be consolidated, in particular, the expansion of the T4 which will occur in two stages.

Carlos Trueba Coll, Director Aeropuerto de Cancún
As it stands now, the T4 can handle up to 9 million passengers per year, however with the expansion, that could be increased to between 18 to 20 million passengers. He explained that Terminals 2 and 3 are also part of the improvement program that would see better security and infrastructure.

As for Terminal 1, which is not used now that VivaAerobus and Magnicharters have been relocated to Terminal 2, Trueba said that it will remain operative if needed. “Let’s say it remains as a reserve.”

While there has been talk of building a hotel, the profile of the project along with the environmental impact statement have not been included in the short term investment plans of the airport.

Asur will, however, build a large intermodal terminal in Cancun which will link up with the Maya Train. The participation of Asur in the construction of a passenger terminal that will link the Cancun International Airport with the Maya Train is confirmed and has been presented to the team of president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

That project consists of a large intermodal terminal that would serve both the passenger segment and the cargo segment, said Rogelio Jiménez Pons, the upcoming head of the National Fund of Tourism Promotion.

“We will seek to maximize the potential of investments that the Maya Train can have, both in the tourist segment and in the cargo segment, hence the terminal being built with the maximum possible versatility in terms of uses and services.”

He also says that a project is being worked on with the airport concessionaire that in another phase, will include a light or suburban train that would serve the city of Cancún, something independent of the Maya Train.

Source: Rivera Maya News

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