Zhukovsky Airport plans to expand terminal by end of 2020

Ramport Aero, the Zhukovsky Airport management company plans to announce a tender for the expansion project of the passenger terminal, by the end of 2020, the terminal area should increase from 17 000 to 37 000 square meters, the company said on Thursday in a statement.
«In accordance with the master development plan of the airport near Moscow, by the end of 2020 the passenger terminal area is to increase from the current 17 000 to 37 000 square meters. The capacity of the updated infrastructure will be 6 million passengers per year,» the statement said. The airport also has plans to install boarding bridges by 2020.
The Zhukovsky Airport was opened in May 2016, there are plans to increase its terminal capacity to 12 million people per year by 2020.

Source: Tass Agency

Note: Zhukovsky International Airport , formerly (and still occasionally) known as Ramenskoye Airport  located in Moscow Oblast, Russia 36 km southeast of central Moscow, in the town of Zhukovsky, a few kilometers southeast of the old Bykovo Airport.

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