Munich Airport gains approval for Terminal 1 extension project

The Government of Upper Bavaria has approved a plan for the extension of Terminal 1 at Munich Airport. The first preparatory construction work on the apron can now begin this year, with the commissioning of the new pier expected to take place in 2023.

The aim of the expansion project is to adapt the non-Schengen area as needed and to improve the quality of service and accommodation in Terminal .

The new gate will be connected to today’s Modules A and B and extend more than 320m (1,049ft) into the western apron of Munich Airport. Up to 12 aircraft could dock at the pier.

In recent years, the capacity of Terminal 1 has been reduced by increased security requirements and changing traffic structures. With the new gate, the terminal will once again be able to handle the expected passenger volumes over the next few years while ensuring international quality standards.

The overall concept for the expansion includes a three-level structure consisting of a core building adjacent to the existing Terminal 1 and a pier.

The total area of the extension will total approximately 95,000m², with projected costs of €455m (US$515m) that Munich Airport will raise from its own resources.

Source: Passengers Terminal Today

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