Athens International Airport expansion project to meet the rising traffic

Cranes have reappeared in Athens International Airport, more than 20 years after its construction, Nikos Karagiannis notes in a recent report at

This is the first sample of the investments that will be implemented in the future in order to meet the rising passenger traffic.

The so-called «small-scale» extension of «El. Venizelos» Terminal, the first since 1995, when the concession contract was first signed, commenced in August and construction works regarding the additional building are now in full swing. The completion of the first phase, which requires the operation of the new passport control points is set for May 2019, according to the schedule.

Its final form, that will include shops, will be revealed in May 2020. The contractor of the projects is AKTOR SA. The expansiion had an initial budget of 31m euros (VAT incl., excl. VAT: 25m euros) but the contract was closed at 18m euros (excl. VAT).

The contract includes the southwest extension of the existing Terminal, with new premises covering an area of 14,950 sq.m. The schedule is tight due to the advancing rise in passenger traffic (that reached 21.7m passengers in 2017) and the implementation of new EU security regulations according to which ID cross-checks must be carried out for all European citizens traveling to/from non-Schengen countries.

In terms of architecture and appearance, the new building will follow the style of the existing complex while it will provide more space for the development of retail stores, with several firms being interested due to the airport’s upward trend.

Source: Tornos News

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