Dozen operators eye Montenegro’s airports

Over a dozen global airport operators are interested in the thirty-year concession of Podgorica and Tivat airports, Montenegro’s Minister for Transport and Maritime Affairs, Osman Nurković, has said. The future concessionaire will be obligated to make a minimum one-off payment of 100 million euros to the Montenegrin government and will be required to invest at least 85 million euros into the two airports, which are being offered to investors as part of a single package. The yearly concession fee will total 10% of gross annual income. «We have drafted the concession agreement, which is to be adopted by the cabinet shortly, after which we will commence tender procedures. We anticipate strong interest from investors».
Turkey’s TAV Holding, which operates nearby airports in Skopje, Ohrid and Zagreb has held talks with Mr Nurković over the upcoming concession. Others to have expressed interest include France’s VINCI, Germany’s Fraport, Dubai Airports Company and South Korea’s Incheon International Airport Corporation. The government hopes to complete the concession process by June 2019. «Currently, some fifteen leading global companies are interested and will take part in the tender. We expect to receive excellent offers. This way we can make a great deal for the airports and the state. The concession is vital in order for Tivat Airport to follow through with its plans to build a new passenger terminal, extend its runway and overhaul its taxiways», the Minister noted.
Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Dušan Marković, said the country’s economy depends on the successful concession of the airports. «Look at what our runways look like today … Our airports resemble refuelling stops. This is not a sale of state assets but rather a valorisation, which enables the state to obtain capital infrastructure with private money, which will result in significant economic benefits for the entire country», Mr Marković said. He added that under a private operator, the airports’ annual earnings should grow from the current four million euros to ten million euros.
Source: ExYu Aviation

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