Brasil: Auction of the 12 airports to be held on 15 March

More than R$ 3.5 billion are expected to be invested in port terminals in the Northeast, Center-West and Southeast regions.

The auction of the three airport blocks – Northeast, Southeast and Center-West – will be held on March 15, 2019, on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, B3. The announcement will be published this Friday (November 30), according to the announcement made by the Investment Partnership Program (PPI), at the Planalto Palace, on Thursday (November 29). For this fifth round, the minimum value of the award, to win the 12 terminals will be R$ 219 million, in cash. Along the concession the total value of the concession is R$ 2.1 billion. The concession period will be 30 years.

The estimated investment for the three blocks is R$ 3.5 billion. The winners of the bid will be defined by the best economic proposal, that is, the one that offers the highest premium on the minimum amount to be paid in cash.

According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the 12 airports that will be granted are divided into three blocks: Northeast, Southeast and Center-West. The first is composed of the airports of Recife (PE), Maceió (AL), Aracaju (SE), Juazeiro do Norte (CE), João Pessoa and Campina Grande, in Paraíba. For the auction, the minimum value will be R$ 171 million. It is expected that the total grant will reach R$ 1.7 billion (initial grant plus collection of variable grants), to be paid annually. The estimated investment is R$ 2.153 billion for the entire block.

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