East Timor: Government to approve agreement to develop airport

Three members of East Timor’s government were on Wednesday mandated by cabinet to negotiate a cooperation agreement with the United States aimed at rehabilitating the airport of Baucau, the country’s second biggest city

The government said in a statement that the issue was debated at a meeting today of the government which approved a project by the minister of defence, Filomeno da Paixão de Jesus, regarding the start of the negotiations with the U.S to develop the airport, 127 km from east of Dili.

The project will extend the runway to make it considerably longer than that of the airport of Dili and it is one of the airports with the most potential due to its location, the government explained in the statement.

The negotiation process will be led by ministers of defence, foreign affairs and cooperation, transport and communication and public works.

The announcement comes shortly after the Japanese government announced it would support works to improve the International Airport Nicolau Lobato in Dili with $44 million.

Source: Macau Business

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