New Building at Tuzla International Airport to be opened in May

All construction works on the new and completely modern building of the Tuzla International Airport have been completed, Biznis Info writes.

What follows is decorating the interior and exterior.

“We are entering phase two of the interior of our terminal. I hope, in relation to the tender and legal procedure, that these works will end around April so that we can open the airport officially at the end of April or early May,” says Rifet Karasalihovic, Director of Tuzla Airport.

The investment will encompass modern cabinets for the reception and shipping of passengers. “The intention was to design this terminal to serve two Airbus 320 aircraft in one hour, which we did.

We will very quickly approach the construction of another ‘gate’, ie entry for passengers due to better flow at entry into the country,” Karasalihovic points out.

The estimated value of construction and craft works is 1.3 million BAM, plumbing and sanitary works around 40,000 BAM, mechanical works and installations around 326,000 BAM, and around 537 000 BAM for wiring.

As earlier announced from the International Airport Tuzla, the total value of works on the expansion of the capacity is about 4.5 million BAM.

Besides the reconstruction of existing terminal building and technical object, it is necessary to build some new facilities and additional parking spaces as well.

When it comes to the terminal, they are planning an expansion of the airport hall, the capacity in coming and going, a higher number of counters for registration of passengers, coffee bars, restaurants, rent-a-car agencies, sorting luggage and they also planned an increase of the capacity planned for administration.

Source: Sarajevo Times

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