SSP Hong Kong wins £57 million six year contract at Hong Kong International Airport (11 units)

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SSP Hong Kong, a division of SSP Group, a leading operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations worldwide, has been awarded a six year contract valued at approximately £57 million (700 million HKD) to develop and operate 11 new units at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).
SSP Hong Kong has been working in conjunction with a number of leading brands to develop the extended facilities at a new dining precinct called the “East to West Food Market” at the West Hall of HKIA. These will include Asian favourites Yung Kee Restaurant, Chee Kei and Tai Hing, alongside international names such as O’Learys and Burger King. The offer will also feature the street food concepts Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung and School Food. The facility will occupy a total of 1,497 square metres, 750 metres of which is additional space.
Chris Rayner, CEO of SSP Asia Pacific commented: “This is an exciting project in what continues to be one of SSP’s largest markets in the Asia Pacific region. Having operated at Hong Kong International Airport since 1998, we are delighted to be building on our successful partnership with the team at HKIA, and adding to the great choice SSP already offers at the West Hall.
“We have worked hard to bring a bespoke range of local, regional and international brands to Hong Kong International Airport, which are guaranteed to delight passengers. We will be offering food and drink to suit all budgets and those with varied amounts of time to make sure we cater for a diverse customer profile. This refreshed and modernised line-up will, we are certain, help to make the West Hall an even more popular dining destination.”
The full line-up of new outlets is as follows:
Yung Kee Restaurant: The only Chinese restaurant to be listed among Fortune Magazine’s Top 15 Restaurants in the World, Yung Kee Restaurant is a globally-renowned full table service restaurant. Its award-winning speciality dishes such as roast goose, preserved egg and pickled ginger will make this a must-visit location for both local and international travellers.
O’Learys Bar & Restaurant: The well-known sports bar O’Learys’ will appeal to passengers looking for a Western-style offer. In the lounge zone customers can enjoy a glass of wine with tapas, while the bar area offers a relaxed space for those who want to have a beer while enjoying TV coverage of their favourite sports.
Street Food MIC by Alvin Leung: The first restaurant at Hong Kong International Airport to be opened by a three Michelin-starred chef, this exciting concept will bring traditional Hong Kong street food to travellers at an affordable price.
Burger King: With over 12,000 restaurants across the globe, Burger King is an internationally recognised brand. The unit at HKIA will be positioned in a prime location and will be a focal point at the food court.
Chee Kei: One of the most popular restaurants in Hong Kong, Chee Kei is famous for its wonton noodles and dim sum. Its simple menu using high quality ingredients is quick to serve, making it idea for the time-pressed traveller.
Baikohkhen: At Baikohkhen customers will be able to choose from an authentic Japanese ramen menu. State of the art Japanese technology, such as a gyoza machine, will mean service is particularly quick and efficient.
School Food: Aimed at younger consumers, School Food is one of the fastest growing names in Korean cuisine. Head Chef Sonny Huh, the former Executive Chef of Celedon Fine Korean Cuisine and the Hilton Resort in Whistler, Canada offers a menu that is twist on traditional Korean street food.
OldTown White Coffee: Offering signature dishes from South East Asia, OldTown White Coffee has a Halal accreditation to meet the needs of Muslim customers. Its all day menu makes this a convenient stop for the discerning, busy traveller.
Tai Hing: Tai Hing brings authentic Hong Kong cuisine to the airport. Serving Hong Kong-style roasts as well as award-winning milk tea, Tai Hing offers rapid service and excellent value for money.
Movenpick: With over 50 years of heritage, ice cream brand Movenpick is known for its premium quality and innovative flavours. This indulgent offering is the perfect complementary purchase for customers already dining in the food court.
One Minute Gourmet: A brand specifically created for Hong Kong International Airport to meet the needs of time-constrained travellers, One Minute Gourmet taps into the ever growing grab and go trend. This unique offer features signature high quality items from a range of brands in one convenient location.
Source: SSP News Release

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