Bidders sought for airport developments in Mozambique

Last week, a new international tender was launched for the concession, construction, operation and development of commercial infrastructures at Maputo, Beira and Nacala airports.

It is an effort to adapt national databases to the global trend of transforming airports into real business centres and creating conditions of comfort for passengers.

In this context, the Ministry of Transport and Communications is invited to express its interest in the development of partnerships for the development and operation of hotel and light infrastructure, business and entertainment centres, commercial and social activities, as well as for the production of energy from renewable sources.

At Maputo International Airport there is a possibility of building a shopping mall on the same level as the Mall Bay, fuel pumps and service rooms, as well as business apartments.

In La Beira, the Government is investing in the construction and operation of a three-star hotel and a vehicle service station, while in Nacala, in addition to a hotel infrastructure, a shopping mall and a renewable energy plant can be developed.

As for the real estate projects, the company’s president, Emanuel Chávez, was elected president of the Board of Directors for the projects to be carried out at the terminals in Maputo, Beira, Nampula and Nacala.

As mentioned above, it is in progress for the production of director-plans for the other airports, as well as for the former Costa del Sol airfield in the city of Maputo.

The Costa del Sol project is being implemented in partnership with a Mozambican real estate development company, to then move on to an effective development phase.

Previously, at Maputo International Airport, there was a bidding process for the award of a five-star hotel and shopping mall, where contracts were signed.

Source: Jornal Domingo. Mozambique

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