Strawberry Liqueur, 50 cl. Exclusive for travel retail.


Don Anthony Strawberry Liqueur

 •      Creamy liqueur, with a harmonious and intense colour, authentic taste

      The ingredients of this liqueur: Ron White Silver Dry, more than 50% natural strawberries from Huelva and Poland, natural strawberry syrup and a hint of natural lime juice

      The entrance is soft on the palate leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness perfectly balanced with the acidity of Lima and the sweetest strawberries. The aftertaste is special and not too cloying.

      Alcohol remains present without being too aggressive, as it has carefully selected a white rum lot of quality.

      Presentation of liqueur bottle of 50cl. French Design and clear glass. Wooden plug and natural cork. Protected with PVC capsule. And new aluminium tag and polypropylene back, allowing you to expose the bottle to the wettest and coldest places however you want to achieve proper temperature.

      Volume alcoholic 23º.

      Packaged in boxes of 9 units.


– You can drink as is, or served very cold even in a glass with ice.

– It is a type of short drink, to taste before or after meals or during moments with friends ..

– Usually have digestive effects after a heavy meal.

– Usually you drink in shot glass should be drunk in small sips to enjoy all the sensations

generated by this product and to savor the harmony of each of its ingredients.

– It is a liqueur to be enjoyed at any time of year, breaking the seasonal patterns of consumption of this type of cocktail.

We recommend it without hesitation.

-Also Can serve as a basis for exotic drinks as a natural liqueur Champagne Strawberries, just add a shot of this liquor in a glass of Champagne with crushed ice ..

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