Governor Cuomo Announces $92 Million to modernize Albany International Airport

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today awarded $22.1 million in funding to AlbanyInternationalAirport as part of a $42.1 million project to modernize the facility.

AlbanyInternationalAirport’s main terminal was built in 1962 and underwent its last significant renovation in 1998. About 1.4 million people a year board planes at the airport, which has an outdated appearance and limited parking. The airport redesign includes:


  • New Parking Garage — The project will construct a 1,000-unit, multi-level parking garage, expanding airport parking capacity by 20 percent. The pre-cast concrete garage will provide a heated pedestrian walkway to the airport terminal. Energy-efficient LED lights will illuminate that bridge, enhancing visibility as well as vehicular and pedestrian safety.
  • Parking Access Improvements — The project will install new LED electronic signage, car counting devices, and interactive access control devices that utilize advanced GPS technology to locate available parking spaces and provide wayfinding messages that direct motorists to them. The existing parking system is nearly 20 years old and its electronic controls are in disrepair.
  • Terminal Rehabilitation and Passenger Amenities – The project will rehabilitate the terminal, including escalators, restrooms, waiting rooms and the food court.  Improvements will include new carpets, wall finishes, tile floors, energy-efficient lighting fixtures and better Internet connectivity. 

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