A new brand is born as Lagardère Travel Retail.

Lagardere_Travel_Retail_Logo2_300Lagardère Services has renamed all the companies within the group Lagardère Travel Retail.
All group companies will be renamed by the end of the year.
Distinct from the group’s ‘B2C’ brands (such as Relay, and Aelia Duty Free), Lagardère Travel Retail offers a unique ‘B2C4B’ approach, the company said, “aiming at satisfying each and every traveller along his journey and guaranteeing the highest quality standards on its three businesses, hence maximising value creation for landlords and brands.”
The brand signature expresses this promise with the tagline ‘Experience new horizons, every day’.
“Relying on the diversity of the group as well as its values of innovation and operational excellence, Lagardère Travel Retail creates special moments for each and every traveler, like bubbles of well-being, like journeys inside the journey,” the company said.

Source: Moodie Report

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